Christmas Worship at Home

Carol Service for Christmas Eve 2020

Thursday 24th December 11:00 PM

(or whenever you wish)

This carol service is for use from home on Christmas Eve. Please feel free to join in with the singing of the carols and sing them as loudly as you like!

On this holy night, pause to settle yourself in God’s presence, knowing that others throughout our circuit and beyond are sharing in worship with you.

The Promise of a Saviour

Welcome, candle lighting and opening prayer – Rev Phil Snelson

We are going to watch a short video, called “Someone is Coming.”

The video starts in the garden of Eden end ends with the coming of our Saviour.  It packs a lot in, but gives a great, sweeping perspective
of God’s plan for humanity.

Play Video

StF 196: Come and Join the Celebration

Lesson 1 - The Three Trees

Read by Sheila Howard

Lesson 2 - Zechariah 9 : 9-10

Read by Mwendwa M’Itiiri

StF 213: O Little Town of Bethlehem

Lesson 3 - Luke 1 : 26-35, 46-49

Read by John and Ann Atkin

Lesson 4 - Luke 2 : 1-7

Read by Mary Nyanaro

StF 127: Silent Night

Lesson 5 - Luke 2 : 8-20

Read by Bekki Morrison

StF 221: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night

Lesson 6 - Matthew 2 : 1-12

Read by Sarah Dempsey

StF 216: See Him Lying on a Bed of Straw

Lesson 7 - Matthew 2 : 13-18

Read by Jackie Stapleton

Christmas Message

Rev Romeo Pedro


Rev Romeo Pedro

Lesson 8 - Isaiah 9 : 2 - 7

Prospects for People with Learning Disabilities

The Saviour is Born

Lighting of the Christmas Candle

Rev Phil Snelson

StF 212: O Come All Ye Faithful


Rev Romeo Pedro

Happy Christmas

Please join us for Christmas Day Worship at Home on Christmas morning at 10 am or whenever convenient for you.

Thank you so much to the ministerial team for producing this service, and to everyone else that contributed.


Sheila Howard, Mwendwa M’Itiiri, John & Ann Atkin, Mary Nyanaro, Bekki Morrison, Sarah Dempsey and Jackie Stapleton

Thank you also to their unseen family members who helped with the video recording.

Web Page: Paul Deakin