Worship at Home

It is our hope that as many as possible will PAUSE FOR DEVOTION AROUND 10:30AM ON SUNDAY MORNINGS AS AN EXPRESSION OF OUR UNITY and a focussed period of worship and prayer all over Northampton.

You could even phone someone in advance and agree to speak to each other on Sunday, pray together over the phone and have a chat at 11:00am just like after the service!!  And of course keep praying every day for our churches, our town and our world.

We would welcome your feedback on how this week’s materials have been made available to you, whether by email, via this website, or in printed format. Any feedback can be sent to Sarah at Circuit Office (at Home!): office@methodist-churches-northampton.org.uk 

Worship Resources for Sunday 22nd March

Children's Activity
(Colouring and Craft)

Please take a photo of your finished Children of the World Ring and and post it to our Facebook.

(Adults please post your creations too!)


Hymn: Amazing Grace

Message from Romeo

Hymn: Open the Eyes of my Heart