1st August 2019

Rev Romeo Pedro

Dear Friends

When our granddaughter was born, we were so happy that we wanted to just share the good news with everyone.

Good news has to be shared!

Mark’s Gospel begins: “The beginning of the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”. Many Christians who have encountered the risen Jesus in their lives have not wanted to keep him to themselves. They’ve wanted to share their good news.

The job of telling the good news belongs to every ordinary believer – not just to those with the particular gift of evangelism. Most Christians think of lay people rather than ministers who have helped them to come to faith!

But for many of us, speaking to others about Jesus, can be a very challenging experience. It is in the light of this that we have decided to focus on helping people to share their faith stories (testimonies) in our new connexional year (September 2019 – August 2020).

We are making a resource available, called “Talking Jesus” (www.talkingjesus.org) for this purpose. We hope that small groups and churches will use this resource to help facilitate conversations about faith sharing. Please speak to us if you need help with that.

Now, I need to remind you that talking about Jesus isn’t spouting the Bible at people, nor is it standing in a football stadium addressing a vast crowd. It’s speaking about God in a way that makes sense to people – whether in the pub, or over the kitchen table, as much as in ‘religious’ settings such as Sunday worship. It’s about every Christian having the confidence to talk about God and what a difference their faith in God makes to their lives. It’s about helping people to see why Christian faith and the reign of God matter in their own lives today. This usually takes time – it’s a process, not a one-off event.

I passionately believe that God has called all of us to speak, live, and listen for the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world. We are all called to be messengers who bring good news. Good news, after all, needs to be shared!

Michael Harvey quoted a survey recently which showed that 70% of people responded positively to the question: has God nudged you to invite someone to church? He calls this the “church’s greatest missed opportunity”.  He asked:  if 7/10 people have got the name of a person to invite, why are we not doing it?  I recommend to you the resources (by Michael Harvey) of “National Weekend of Invitation”.  

We cannot do the work of faith sharing without being grounded in prayer. The circuit ministers pray together every Tuesday morning. We do this particularly one Tuesday of the month at one of the circuit churches. Please find out from the office where we are praying and join us for that. In addition to that we offer at least one prayer teaching event per quarter – to enable corporate prayer, but also to teach different ways of prayer. Please join us for that too.

Some of our churches have used the resources of “Thy Kingdom Come” over the past few years. They prove to be very helpful. Please consider using them.

I am excited about sharing our faith together, inviting people to church and praying together. Together we can!

Your brother in Christ