1st September 2019

Rev Francis M'Itiiri

Church  Initiative for changing times

I am more than delighted to be writing the minister’s letter for the month of September, after we have enjoyed our first Summer weather in England and ushering ourselves in to the next Methodist connexional year. My family and I consider ourselves comfortably settled in to the Circuit and discovering our new second home ‘away from home’.

It is important to let you know that, we strongly feel that we indeed made the best decision for our lives coming to work in England. We have found the right footing now after a long journey of adjustment. We are now more focused than before. Those who have lived and worked abroad among different cultures understand what change and adjustment really means to them. We then all work in a changing society that affects the way we do church.

From the Mission Point perspective, there is a tremendous change in the world and believe you me, there are those who are even considered to be beyond the ‘reach of the Church’…(Revd Graham Horsley ,The Methodist contact for Fresh Expressions ). It is in the spirit of this letter, that my aim of writing is to encourage our people at every juncture to identify new Church initiatives for the changing times in the history of the church. I encourage all of us to have a renewed vision as we welcome the new connexional year. Such visions aligned to our calling are to see those that God is calling us to reach. Once we prayerfully do that, we shall possibly respond in supporting and thinking of how best to actualize such visions, as we help others to grow as world-transforming disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Justification for such engagement, I guess, is to meet the spiritual needs of those who are unlikely to come directly to our establishment. I am proposing a daring engagement with the Swahili community in Northampton, who perhaps are likely or unlikely connected to any mainstream church since their arrival in UK.  A large proportion tells me that they have actually been around for 20 years and or even more.

Our calling in this sense as a church, circuit and leadership team is to prayerfully consider where, who, and what, God is calling us for, especially where those we consider need us most. And as such no one knows whether this could potentially be a new outreach with ministry opportunities on our church doorsteps.

It is in my opinion that we try to constantly seek God’s vision for these new burdens and find out what the best engagement is and when to actually say this is the right time to challenge ourselves.

Hopefully God will give us the confidence to serve the people within their different cultural contexts here in Northampton.

Your Church Minister