Ukraine Appeal

1st July 2022

Rev Francis M'Itiiri

Hello my fellow siblings,

In my Kenyan-Swahili-ameru culture, it is courteous to start any meaningful conversation with greetings that goes an extra mile. I am honoured to do it in the simplest Swahili language . Jambo na Habari yako Rafiki? (Hello and how are you friend?). Your responses help in striking back a mutual warm relationship of our shared experiences. In that case your response commences a relationship that leads you to say back something back to me like; Mimi niko salama, asante sana. Na je wewe? (I’m fine thank you, and what about you? excellent trial!

From my April letter, reminded us that Jesus offered his life in death, absorbing our human violence through his love. Easter continues to be a reminder of the new life that Christ gives us to face the future with hope. I do feel such theological perspective remain the call business of God inviting us to reflect on our human actions and how they are likely to affect others and the universe. During this period of summer, we are again invited to reflect on the Prophet Amos basket of fruit (8:1-12) and the call for walking with Isaiah to remain a justice seeking Church. And as we take our vacation in our separate direction, we do not forget those in need. The season represents, a time of God’s grace for all. For Christ is risen alleluia.

What has changed then since last April? There are so many things that we wish to be grateful to God. First to let you know my first appointment as a Recognized and Regarded Minister from other Churches and Conferences (MOCC) has been a successful story to share. During this journey of ministerial formation, we have both learnt and grown together so much in wisdom and knowledge. And I feel indebted to you all for all your encouragement and prayers. I now feel that those experiences acquired during my journey of transition can be so valuable when utilised to mentor other MOCC coming to ministry in Britain in their first time. I can now with great joy confirm to you that I have been officially received into full connexion of the British Methodist Church. Secondly, about other members of my family; My 15-month daughter Makena successfully finished cruising around the house, now with confidence can make tremendous strides in the field as long there is something out there attracting her attention like horses, birds, and the train coach. As a family we sincerely thank my wife Faith for the support she has been to all of us in the house. She is a very special person that we so much adore for all that she does. We celebrate also the passing of DVLA theory test for my first-born daughter and second born’s school performance during this school academic year.

I invite us during this month to prayerfully reflect on walking with Isaiah. Let’s get challenged to read and live it. On purpose I invite you and our world leaders for a prayer contemplation with the twenty verses of Isaiah 32, which speaks volumes about the global current predicament that we find ourselves in. I challenge every reader of this letter to begin a twenty-prayer journey. Every day read one verse only at any time of the day, pray ‘lectio Divina’ prayer model. Contextualise every single verse in your first day.  Do the same next day. And let us see what difference these prayers can bring on the current crisis that humanity faces around the globe. I do pray you will be faithful to take this challenge.


The title of this chapter is Leaders Should Be Good and Fair (NIV) gateway.

The four opening verses reflect our hopes. 1 Listen to what I say! A king should rule in a way that brings justice. Leaders should make fair decisions when they lead the people. 2 If this would happen, the king would be like a shelter to hide from the wind and rain, like streams of water in a dry land, and like the cool shadow of a large rock in a hot land.

3 Then people would see what they look at. They would listen to what they hear. 4 People who are now confused would be able to understand. Those who cannot speak clearly now would be able to speak clearly and quickly. Read the next verses that predict the coming of Hard Times.


As believers, God commands us to pray for those in authority. That God would intervene where human beings are failing. From a more spiritual intelligence sense, there are a couple of stubborn things that do not yield to other human mechanism but can be neutralized and even melted by the power of prayers said by God’s children. Sometimes as Christians we fail to realize the power we have in Christ through prayer, and often miss out on opportunities for God to move on our behalf.

Quite often, we view prayer as Christin elicits in her article, as if it is like the old childhood game “telephone.” Do you remember playing that game in elementary school? Everyone sits in a circle and a special “secret” is whispered into a child’s ear. The secret is passed around the circle, one whisper at a time, until everyone has heard the message. By the time the message has made it around the circle, usually the secret has been so distorted that it is hardly recognized by the person who started the game! If we’re honest with ourselves, we sometimes feel like our prayers are like the telephone game. We call on God in prayer, but sometimes feel like God must not have heard our message correctly. We question whether God heard us because the outcome of our prayers may not always be what we’ve hoped for. We wonder to ourselves; Did God hear me correctly? Why hasn’t he answered? Does he really care? I am convinced that contrary to our thoughts, feelings, or the state of the circumstances around us, God hears our prayers. Not a single word or tear goes unnoticed by our God. Our prayers don’t operate like the telephone game. Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit who hears our every thought, and we can be confident that our prayers reach heaven. God knows our hearts. He hears us–and he answers our prayers. Let’s look at what it means to cultivate a prayer life that neutralises the acid of evils and melts down mountains. And protects our seas. If we were to take Mark 11:23 from a literal interpretation, use prayer of faith to that sees the removal of mountains and command them to be planted into the seas or wherever we may wish, then we have answers to problems that faces our waters. Problems and demons have been commanded to leave land and find their new habitation in our rivers, seas, and waters. For that reason, we know now why our waters have become so violent nowadays? In same principle, we would rather pray then that all stubborn difficulties making wars and gunning a difficult thing by world leaders to resolve come to an end. With prayer it is possible. Further reading that encourages action prayers (see 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, Eph6:10-24)

With now the lifting of the covid and travel restrictions, Makena and the girls will experience air travel for our summer holiday vacation to Kenya. Romeo we shall miss your farewell service as you plan to report to your new station in Sheffield. Please know that you are so much loved, and we shall fondly miss you, Firita, Regardo and Serenity. Go with our love. For the rest see you all in the autumn.  Remain blessed.

Francis Itiiri