Bible Course for Lent

The Bible talks about “Disciples” and “Discipleship” but what does that really mean?  Is it just that we are friends and followers of Jesus?  Well yes… and more!

As a way of renewing and developing our role as disciples and members of Jesus Church we are inviting as many as possible to join us through Lent for a 4 week introduction to “A Methodist Way of Life”… and no, that is not particularly about church stewards and church council meetings important as those are as a part of church life.

“Methodist Way of Life” is offered as framework by which to develop and grow our Christian faith & lifestyle – you could say “a bit like a trellis supports the sweet pea plant as it climbs”  (other climbing plants are available!)  These are what life is about for any Christian from any branch of the Church – any disciple of Jesus.  And they’re things we can work on together.

This 4 week course running from 22 Feb to 19 March is an introduction.  There will be sessions as follows and it would help if you could let the office know which you are planning to attend:

Monday 1:00pm

Wednesday 11:00am and 8:00pm

Thursday 7:30pm

These will be accessible by ZOOM session and phone.

We are sending out the course book to everyone who is part of our Worship at Home distribution so that even if some people are not able to join the groups, you can still look through the material and gain some help and inspiration for yourself.

You can download a PDF copy of the book using the button below.


Please contact the Circuit Office for more details.