September 2020: A letter from the Circuit Stewards

Dear one and all

As we move into a new Methodist Connexional Year we have a few changes in the Circuit Team and some farewells and thanks to express on your behalf.

For 20 years John Brown from Park Avenue church has been Circuit Lay Pastoral Worker, ministering to many folk who were house bound, in hospital or care homes, or in particular need of a friendly phone call or visit. John is now ‘retiring’ from this role and we thank him most sincerely for his commitment to it, and for being part of the Circuit Team supporting both ministers and stewards. We hope that John and Kate will now have a little more time for their other interests, including their allotment!

We also say farewell to Rev Brian Kennard who has supported the circuit as a supernumerary minister on a part-time basis over the past two years. Brian’s cheerful manner and practical pastoral care have been a great encouragement to the village churches where he has ministered. His preaching and gospel message have also been appreciated around the circuit, wherever the Plan has taken him. We express our sincere thanks to Brian for embracing such a peripatetic role in our circuit and for his willingness to travel many miles on our behalf. We know that he is much in demand as a preacher in Market Harborough and further afield but we hope that we will see him again in Northampton from time to time. We ask God’s blessing on Brian, Clare and their family and also on his continuing prison ministry at Gartree.

Rev Phil Snelson now has pastoral oversight and leadership of the four village churches, as well as his role in the Circuit Team, and we look forward to Phil’s continuing ministry and creative input in the year ahead.

This is a good opportunity to express our thanks to Rev Romeo Pedro for his unstinting hard work and commitment as superintendent minister during the last year, negotiating the uncharted waters of the global pandemic and leading us carefully and safely through troubled and challenging times.

Deacon Richard Beckett continues to play a key role within the team as he takes on many different tasks, but especially nurturing youth work and youth leaders. It is exciting to hear from Richard that there are three young people from our Circuit who are starting out as Young Leaders under the new District scheme. We look forward to hearing more from Heather, Toni and Naitore about their projects in due course.

Rev Francis M’Itiiri has now completed his second year with us and we are sorry that, due to Covid, he and his family were unable to make their long-awaited visit back to Kenya this summer. We are glad that they have been able to take some time off together before term starts, and we rejoice with Francis & Faith in their recent announcement that they are expecting a new member of the family in January.

We conclude our thanks with a word to Sarah Eason who has enabled the day-to-day communications and administration to continue smoothly from her home. We appreciate her unflappability in the face of challenges and deadlines!

Circuit Stewards: Margaret Littlecott, Pam Kirkland, Liz Hale, Hellen Okello.